Hear the Trees Falling?

These spelling games have been designed to improve spelling abilities in a fun way that your students will love

Act Responsible, Think Sustainable.

Create your own custom list to practice with our games, worksheets, activities, and lesson plans.

Spelling Programs

This is a fun online spelling program for schools. Students will be able to take their spelling tests online and it is graded instantly. They can practice spelling from home or anywhere with an Internet connection.

Missing Letter Retina



Think Globally

Traditional vocabulary instruction follows a “test on Friday, new words on Monday” cycle, which proves to be ineffective. With Vocabulary , schools and teachers can easily implement research-based practices that lead to vocabulary retention and improved comprehension.


  • Improves retention & comprehension
  • Generate reports of all data
  • Professional development

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  • Differentiate assignments for every level
  • Immediate feedback, progress tracking
  • Automated testing & grading

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  • Boost success in vocabulary, spelling
  • Kids can work and test independently
  • Customize activities for any subject

% of reading comprehension problems are caused by lack of vocabulary


% proven increase in vocabulary retention when using VocabularySpellingCity


Plus fun activities with lesson ideas keep students engaged